Enter 3BT Technology

There is a cosmic shift occurring. As other brands are beginning to bring 3D shapes to market, Bataleon’s philosophy is reaffirmed the snowboarding world is once again treated to a better riding experience no matter the skill level. 

Bataleon has been dedicated to 3D shaping for 17 years, and their 3D shapes with traditional camber and lifted contact points make snowboarding more enjoyable for all.

Ride Triple Base Technology.

Ride the future.


Over the years we perfected 3BT™ to best perform for every kind of riding by fine tuning the synergies between the flat base, side bases, radii and camber.


Side Kick dramatically increases the sidebase uplift on the widest points of the nose and tail. This makes turn initiation even smoother, increases float in powder and handling of the board in rough terrain. 


Made with the highest quality materials available, Bataleon snowboards are hand built by skilled and experienced craftsmen in our state of the art production facility.


Featured Items


Featured Items

What is 3BT™ and what's it got to do with you, a snowboarder?

Shaping a board 3D makes every kind of snowboarding more fun.

Edges create friction, retain heat and don’t hold wax—all of which slow you down. 3BT™ boards accelerate faster and maintain speed when pointed straight because the lifted sidebases have a shorter overall edge contact and reduce drag.

When laid on edge, the uplifted edge and base sections form a more cohesive arc and contact with the snow surface. A smooth and secure arc means more powerful turns. As the board is rolled side to side, the edge uplift offers a more fluid transition from edge to edge. This makes slower turns easier and faster turns more solid.

The 3BT™ tips and contact points are less likely to dig and catch on landings. Reduced edge bite at the tips allows the board to automatically track back to going straight, meaning you can ride away from not-so-perfect landings.

The shaped tips boost the pop power of positive camber. When the tail (or nose) is flexed and compressed for an ollie the forces are directed towards the centerbase of the tail (or nose) and amplified. This gives added spring to the board’s powerful camber backbone.

The hull-like tip shape has inherent floating, planing and plowing properties similar to a boat or progressive surfboard shape. The shape allows the front to rise out of soft snow, and while making it easier to sink the tail, offering a more comfortable riding position in deep snow.

The uplifted edges at the contact points reduces the chance of edge catch. The sidebase lift at the contact points disperses pressure evenly along the edge, therefore allowing for a smoother, more controlled ride. This also makes the tips more forgiving for butters and more lenient on less-than-perfect landings.

2-Year Warranty


We stand by our products.

Every Bataleon snowboard is handmade, quality checked and backed by a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Register your board to make the warranty process smoother should any issues arise.



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