Tips to Protect Your Gear


1.Watch your edges!

  • Snowboards are built with sharp metal edges giving you grip and edge hold on snow. When not strapped in, that same metal edge can damage fabrics and things around you. Jackets, pants, bindings and even boots can be cut from a board edge if you’re not careful. Being aware of your edges (especially new and recently tuned boards) will make your gear last and perform the way it was designed for

2.Chairlift and Highbacks

  • Some chairlifts have a lower than normal loading area. Protect your highback by folding it down prior to getting on the chairlift and your bindings will thank you. This is also a good habit to avoid clipping your lift mate’s snowboards and causing unnecessary accidents when getting off the chairlifts


  • Please refer to the washing instructions located inside each garment
  • If you own a piece of waterproof garment, do not send it in for dry cleaning or do a regular machine wash and tumble dry. Chances are, you will strip your garment of the waterproofing layer. Always use the appropriate detergent to protect the waterproofing layer


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