Started in Niseko by Taro Tamai, these handshaped boards not only take your riding to the next level, but they want to take you back to a time when expression of style was wholly embodied by the sport.

Terrain, snow conditions, and the size of a mountain. Every board has a unique riding experience– even on the same slope. Your individual style influences your approach to a line. In the 1990’s snowboarding became an industrialized sport and the sense of a unique, personal approach to the sport felt lost.

We are still in search of undiscovered lines, and no one can take that away. GENTEMSTICK sends out each of its boards with “distinct characteristics”, in an effort to provide the true potential of riding, and to bring back the lost values of snowboarding.

The boards are created from an unframed, freedom searching mindset, that is GENTEMSTICK.


To GENTEMSTICK founder, Taro Tamai, the shaping is the most essential factor in board design. The beauty of snowboard design is to create an ideal three-dimensional curve resulting from a harmonizing outline, bottom-line and the actual warping of the board when riding it. GENTEMSTICK’s commitment is to create a shape that allows a smooth and stable riding whether in powder or on packed snow. In order to realize this concept, they have adopted classical designs, such as swallowtails, which were already established in the ’70s, and modern designs driven by their own experiences.


Although the unique and radical outline of Taro Tamai’s shapes catches people’s eye, the most heeded element was the sole design. GENTEMSTICK’s lineup allows aggressive manoeuvres to surfers, skaters and the next generation snowboarders alike. The glide is totally distinguished and draws a sharp line between the conventional snowboard’s riding experience.


Perfection without completion. Each board is handmade without its design being fully completed for the very idea that it’s for the rider to actually give it the final touch to take it to perfection.


Featured Items


Featured Items

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