GENTEMSTICK MANTARAY 142 Women’s Snowboard 2021

New for 20-21, a new length in the Mantaray series, succeeding the DNA of the original and designed for the lighter-weight riders. The subtle camber and softer flexibility has been adjusted perfectly to the length and is not just a simple scaled down version of the bigger models. It’s been finely tuned to fit light-weight riders that are after a true carving experience and freedom of movement in the tree-runs.

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Product Specs


Started in Niseko by Taro Tamai, these handshaped boards not only take your riding to the next level, but they want to take you back to a time when expression of style was wholly embodied by the sport.

Terrain, snow conditions, and the size of a mountain. Every board has a unique riding experience– even on the same slope. Your individual style influences your approach to a line. In the 1990’s snowboarding became an industrialized sport and the sense of a unique, personal approach to the sport felt lost.

Product Specs

Weight5 kg
Snowboard Size



Powder, Freeride, All Mountain

Riding Level

Intermediate – Advanced



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Size Guide

Gentemstick Mantaray 142

Length1419.5 mm
Running Length850 mm
EF.edge1039.5 mm
Nose Width286 mm
Waist Width242 mm
Tail Width268 mm
Sidecut R.7200/6750 mm
Setback-41.55 mm
Tapered9 mm
Sidecut Dep.22 mm
Cam.1 mm
Stance Width430-510 mm
Front Foot◯◯●◯●
Rec. Stance483.5 mm
Rear Foot●◯●◯◯

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