Gentemstick Spoon Fish 152 Snowboard 2020


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In contrast to the shorter Spoonfish, the Spoonfish 152 rides mild and smooth although being reliable in mid to high speed high-pressure carvings maneuvers. Great all-round cruiser in pow or pack.


Started in Niseko by Taro Tamai, these handshaped boards not only take your riding to the next level, but they want to take you back to a time when expression of style was wholly embodied by the sport.

Terrain, snow conditions, and the size of a mountain. Every board has a unique riding experience– even on the same slope. Your individual style influences your approach to a line. In the 1990’s snowboarding became an industrialized sport and the sense of a unique, personal approach to the sport felt lost.


Snowboard Size


Snowboard Type

Freeride, Powder




Riding Level

Advanced – Expert

Advanced - Expert