HERTEL Racing 739® All Temperature Wax (28g)

The Racing 739® is a higher performance snow wax that incredibly lasts up to seven days on the slopes. Highly recommended as a secret weapon for racers.

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Each package contains 28g of all temperature wax: Good for 3 – 4 waxes.

Racing 739® was actually the first ever fluoro wax in the world. New for the 2020 season, we have removed the fluoro and made it biodegradable!

It is still a higher performance snow wax that incredibly lasts up to seven days on the slopes. For those who want eye watering speed, and also to wax less, this is your best choice. Works great from -14C to +11C.

Highly recommended as a secret weapon for racers – while your competition is stuck worrying about temperatures, blends and last minute overlays, you’ll be able to keep a clear mind and focus on the podium.

Also works great as a base wax, with Super Hotsauce on top. Iron on for best results, or rub it on if you don’t have time.

100% biodegradable


Since all our waxes are all temperature, the way to choose between SUPER HOTSAUCE and RACING 739 is pretty simple. For regular riding we recommend you try SUPER HOTSAUCE. It’s biodegradable, slick, easy to apply and gives you more control over your skis/snowboard. RACING 739 is biodegradable too, but is way faster and more expensive. However, it lasts up to seven days, so once you factor that in, the cost performance is about the same as SUPER HOTSAUCE (and you get to go faster!). If your friends are using brand x, get the HOTSAUCE. If your friends are on the HOTSAUCE, get the RACING! If it’s warm spring conditions with dirty snow, get SPRINGSOLUTION.

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