KORUA TUGBOAT Snowboard 2021

Jaw-dropping float meets smooth maneuverability – guaranteed to provide stoke on the deepest of days.

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Our soft snow concept shape The Tugboat is a total game changer when it comes to riding powder. The massive width of the nose gives you extreme float like you’ve never felt before. An extremely strong taper and a tipping point on the base at the widest part of the board – along with the matching radius – makes it more agile, lively, and lets you react a lot faster than what you’d expect from a wide board like this. The deep swallow-tail provides a looser feel, more lift and a fast look to the shape. The Tugboat also features our brand new channel base that makes this short board more stable at higher speeds and gives it more grip in softer snow. By stripping our powder boards of conventional metal edges, you are offered a system that is focused more specifically on soft- and powder snow. This makes the board lighter, faster and more stable. The classic sidecut allows the board to still carve well on groomed slopes. The only thing it dislikes is solid icy conditions. The P-TEX Edge can be retuned using a standard edge tuning file. In case powder is your first priority and you don’t care much about riding on ice, this is a must-have for the good days and a perfect addition to your “regular” board.

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KORUA was born from a group of friends, who happened to be snowboard nerds in their 30’s, dreaming about a brand that would be relatable while still speaking to their individual riding levels and styles. Early on it was clear that the focus would have to be on making fun boards that turn exceptionally well and are easy to ride. We focused on wider shapes that would still allow easy edge-to-edge transitioning, letting you carve low on slopes and generate more float in powder. As a result, our boards are at their core, great all-round snowboards. While putting more emphasis on the shape itself, and offering a timeless product without graphics, we are able to be free of seasonal “collections”, which in turn keeps production more sustainable and lowers the customers urge to buy a new board every year.

Since its inception, KORUA has been about building progressive snowboards, thinking outside of the box, and simply having fun snowboarding with our friends, all while capturing this true passion for snowboarding in our ongoing Yearning For Turning video series.

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Intermediate – Advanced


Powder, Freeride, All Mountain

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OTTO157260132 – 198UP TO 11
CAFE RACER14425288 – 132UP TO 9
156256110 – 176UP TO 10
159269121 – 198UP TO 13
164278121 – 198UP TO 16
CAFE RACER PLUS159269121 – 198UP TO 13
TRENCHDIGGER165262132 – 198UP TO 11
DART15225699 – 165UP TO 10
156269121 – 198UP TO 13
160278121 – 198UP TO 16
APOLLO15225699 – 165UP TO 10
156269110 – 176UP TO 13
PUZZLE161269121 – 187UP TO 13
PENCIL14725288 – 132UP TO 9
164269132 – 198UP TO 13
PENCIL PLUS164269132 – 209UP TO 13
TRANNY FINDER154260110 – 176UP TO 11
157269132 – 198UP TO 13
TRANNY FINDER PLUS157269132 – 198UP TO 13
STEALTH15026099 – 165UP TO 11
156269132 – 198UP TO 13
163269132 – 198UP TO 13
ASYTONI168269143 – 209UP TO 13
BULLDOZER171269143 – 220UP TO 13
OBELISK157284110 – 209
TUGBOAT151291121 – 198
167286132 – 209
BLINDGANGER16128332 – 198
ESCALATOR PLUS15225390 – 130
157259120 – 170
162259130 – 190