ROME SDS Degenerati Model 2



Arriving: Wave 2 - Instore collection: 30 Oct 19

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Fear not weary traveler, for this is the end of the feed. You’re all caught up. Hidden somewhere in the sequence of zeros and ones, lies an unalienable truth – snowboarding is all that matters. Be advised, Model 2 is not for the faint of heart; please consult your doctor before riding Model 2 if you’ve experienced loss of breath, weakness of flex, lack of camber, false prophets, bleeding of gums or general apathy towards snowboarding. For best results, please ride Model 2 only with all the homies under the cover of darkness.


Since 2001, the only constant at the ROME Snowboard Design Syndicate has been passion. This insatiable hunger for all things snowboarding has created countless late nights, even more first chairs and a bottomless supply of stoke.

Fuelled by passion, driven to create and stubborn as hell. We are the SDS and this is what courses through our veins.

A storm is brewing. The winds of change are howling, the drifts are piling up and the roads are a mess. Set your alarm, ‘cause tomorrow is going to be epic.


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